The Potential Nightmare of Your “Dream” Home

The Potential Nightmare of Your “Dream” Home

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The one thing most people lack besides having enough money to build their “dream home” is the time and patience necessary to achieve it.

Construction of a custom dream home is a very messy process and it looks terrible even right before the final finishing touches are made that make it look spectacular.

There is so much work involved in making a dream home, which starts with the foundation and all the things underground that nobody ever sees. This part of the work is annoying, costly, and if you also need to work with the local building department it can be extremely frustrating to learn the things you need to do in order to be in compliance.

You need to submit plans and then get the building department to review them and finally get them to approved after paying enormous fees and then you build according to the plan, only to have an inspector come out to tell you this and that you are no longer in compliance with the regulations (or the inspector’s interpretation of them) that may have changed since you submitted the plans.

Yes, it does happen in the wealthiest areas. Ion fact, this is the place where it is the most likely to occur.

So, what is the solution?

Here is the step-by-step guide to building your dream home in Houston:

  1. Be very rich! – The average cost of a dream home in Houston is around US$3 million so this is not for the faint of heart or the poorest classes. These dream homes are for the very rich!
  2. Already have a home in the area that you can live in for possibly many years until your dream home is finished.
  3. Be prepared to do things at least twice: The fist time is to render your ideas and the second time is to make your ideas integrate into a well-functioning home that you really want. Be prepared to do things twice or maybe three times to get it right and to meet your idea of what your dream home should look and be like.
  4. Did we say you are going to spend a lot of money? Well yes, this is worth repeating. The rich and famous are notorious for wanting a dream home in an already pricey area. The only way to create a new custom home in such an area is to tear down an existing home. If you are timid about destroying an existing mansion that may be worth over US$2 million, only to end up with an empty lot, this type of project is not right for you. You may need to first destroy a beautiful home that will allow you to build your new custom home in a treasured area.
  5. The really rich do not care at all if they destroy an existing home in order to put up their home to be exactly where they want to live. If this means tearing down an existing home so be it.


If you are going to make your dream home, make sure your bank account has so many zeros after a digit to be almost unlimited and then start on the project to make your dream come true, but be patient and be ready to spend the extra money and to spend again to get exactly what you want.

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